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So recently something really exciting happened. BBC Cymru Wales stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. They liked what they saw and asked me to contribute to their brand new online platform, BBC SESH. Its a great platform that features fresh talent from across Wales. Below you can find everything i've made for BBC SESH plus some more online content. Pstt i'm jumping on the YouTube soon so stay tuned!

What can't blind people do?

What do blind people see?

Hello PLUS Visually Impaired Favs


Since 2012 i've had a note on my phone called 'Stand up'. Yeah you guessed it, this is where i've been writing down observations, stories and things I find funny. In 2015 I finally got the opportunity to perform my stand up set. Since then i've performed at open mic nights and I am loving it. I've had a great reaction so far and I can't wait to perform for more people.So if you have a few minutes free and fancy a laugh, take a look at my material! Hope you enjoy.