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Hi there, Jake here, I'm an actor, comedian and film maker. I make a variety of online content that you can find spread across the internet. Luckily for you, I've managed to gather it all on to this handy page for your convenience. I'm always looking for collaborative opportunities so don't hesitate to get in touch, and if you like what you see it would be fab if you could share my content. Enjoy!

BBC Sesh

Recently I was contacted by BBC Wales and asked to create fun, light hearted content for their new social platform, BBC Sesh. Over on BBC Sesh you can find loads of new welsh talent being posted every day. Below you will find all of my contributions. 

"My eyes work differently to yours. Or DON'T work, weeeeey!" Welsh comedian Jake on what blind people see. And no, it's not a stupid question. #sass

Stop telling blind people we can't do things!

Doesn't every holiday go a bit like this?

Mordor at night, birthplace of the word 'shunk', and smells like your nan - it's all about Port Talbot

Doesn't every holiday go a bit like this?

Jake: Visually Impaired Photographer


The Tea Debate

Things People Do At Christmas

The Ultimate Noughties Quiz

'Queer Eye' For The #Gains Guy

Why are you using the disabled toilet?

New videos every month


I work for an amazing charity called UCAN Productions. Our goal is to improve the physical and vocal confidence of young people with sight loss. Over the years, in collaboration with RNIB Cymru and Guide Dogs, we have created a library of films. In these films we collect the experiences of young visually impaired people about a number of topics from public transport to employment.

Employment #FutureInSight

Social Life #FutureInSight

University #FutureInSight

Getting Around #FutureInSight

Support #FutureInSight from

Disclosure #FutureInSight


If you've made it this far then heres my YouTube channel. Here I post a variety of content. 

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